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Since 1999 with the longest history

Provider of 80% nanoimprint machines in North America

Nearly 100 tools installed in 11 countries, 4 continents

Nanonex NIL solution offers low-cost, high-throughput, large-area patterning of 3D nanostructures with sub-10 nm resolution and accurate overlay alignment. It also includes all forms of nanoimprinting, such as thermoplastic, uv-curable, thermal curable, and direct imprinting (embossing). The Nanonex NIL solution can meet the needs of a broad spectrum of markets, such as optical devices, displays, data storage, biotech, semiconductor ICs, chemical synthesis, and advanced materials.
Why Nanonex
- Best nanoimprint solution technology
- Versatile tools for all forms of imprinting
- UV or  thermal imprint or both (operating simultaneously) within a single machine
- Air Cushion PressTM for wafer-scale uniformity on non-flat substrate and high yield
- Smart Sample Holders for substrates and masks with arbitrary shapes and sizes
- Fully automated nanoimprint operation
- Radiative heating for ultra-fast thermal NIL
- Broad range of tools to choose from
- A variety of NIL materials and processes
- IP protections

US Federal Contractor Registration
Recent and Key News
* East China University of Science and Technology purchases Nanonex Advanced Nanoimprint Tool NX-B200
* University of Massachusetts Amherst Purchases Nanonex Advanced 8" Nanoimprint Tool NX-2608BA
* University of Houston purchases Nanonex Advanced Nanoimprint Tool NX-2000
* Boston University purchases Nanonex Versatile Nanoimprint Tool NX-B200
*Nanonex Announces the Shipment and Installation of an Innovative Nanoimprint Lithography System for Fully Automated Manufacturing
*Founder Prof. Stephen Chou, will give tutorial on nanoimprint at IEEE Nano 2013
*Nanonex Delivers Nanoimprint Tool NX-B200 to Swinburne University of Technology, Australia
* Nanonex Introduces NX-M200B System to Meet Growing Demand for Mold Duplication
* Nanonex Delivers Nanoimprint Tool NX-2600 BA to University of Pennsylvania
* Nanonex Delivers Nanoimprint Tool NX-2600 BA to Arhus University, Denmark
* Nanonex Launches NX2600 Nanoimprintor and Photolithography Aligner


Nanonex Expands Operation


Nanonex at CNM User Meeting at Argonne National Laboratory



University of Nancy-France purchases Nanonex Advanced Nanoimprint Tool NX-2500




Nanonex has provided nearly 100 Nanoimprint tools, more than 400 orders of resists and masks, and customized R&D developments to over 150 customers. Click here for some of our representative customers.

Nanonex has been nominated for the 2012 Best of Business Award.
Nanonex wins NIST Advanced Technology Program (ATP) award.
Nanoimprint lithography is chosen as one of 10 emerging technology that will change the world
Nanonex is selected one of top 60 start-ups.
Founder, Prof. Chou was inducted to New Jersey High Technology Hall of Fame.
Founder, Prof. Chou, was awarded IEEE Brunetti Award for invention and development of nanoimprint lithography and other nanotechnologies and nanodevices.
Nanonex is proud to be the sponsor of the 2014 CNF Annual Meeting, being held on Thursday, September 18th 2014 at Cornell University, Ithaca, NY.

Nanonex is hosting a Nanoimprint Process and NX-2500 Application workshop on Wednesday, September 17, 2014, prior to the 2014 CNF Annual Meeting.

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